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Students analyze their performance caring for a patient in a School of Nursing simulation lab. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo) “It was interesting how many remote or ‘tele’ simulation lessons that we did,” MacKenna says. “We would have some students here in the building and others under quarantine, so we set up laptops in the simulation lab and the quarantined students were able to watch their peers over WebEx and join the discussion afterward. “Students at home would even speak to the patient through the computer. That became a creative way to keep them engaged even if they could not physically be in the building.” Kelsey Byrne ’21 (NUR) had to quarantine for two weeks during the spring 2021 semester, when one of her friends tested positive for COVID-19, and attended her simulation classes virtually. “I would tell the instructor, ‘I am going to assess their lungs,’ and then they would go up and listen and then tell me ‘There is a normal breath sound’,” Byrne says. “You had to explain everything you were doing, but going step-by-step helped me realize what I did and did not know.” Evan Mitchell ’21 (NUR) discovered that verbalizing step-by-step instructions would help him on the nursing licensure exam. He had to quarantine twice during the fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19 cases in his apartment complex. “The virtual classes took me out of my comfort zone,” Mitchell says. “But I realize now that some of the NCLEX questions are set up as a list of actions and you have to know the order.” While hands-on learning with patients will always be the optimal experience for students, MacKenna says virtual simulation classes are the next-best thing. “Every time we write a simulation, we incorporate communication, teamwork, delegation, decision-making, and all of those can be done in a distance setting,” she says. “We use what technology we have to bring the students who cannot physically be here to fully participate.” Students receive instruction on how to perform CPR in a School of Nursing simulation lab on April 2. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo) MacKenna admits there were some growing pains learning how to use the technology available to them to its full potential, but overall it opened her eyes to what is possible. “The pandemic allowed us to figure out all the things we can accomplish while not necessarily being in each other’s physical presence,” she says. “It is going to change the way we educate; change the way we learn.” For the simulation center, MacKenna hopes that will mean introducing augmented or virtual reality technology and headsets. Nursing students could practice a variety of procedures and treatments in a simulated, immersive setting. There are a few companies that are starting to develop nursing simulations.

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Sea Island, Georgia. As it is in the Carolinas, some of the best tennis opportunities in Georgia can be found by the ocean. Longer days and warmer temperatures— combined with travel starting to feel more accessible—means the season is ripe for tennis getaways. Ready to get back into the swing of things? Pack your gear and point your compass towards one of these southern states. As it is in the Carolinas, some of the best tennis opportunities in Georgia can be found by the ocean. On the southeastern coast of the state, Sea Island is an iconic resort boasting 16 Har-Tru clay courts, with clinics and USPTA-level instruction available. A range of accommodations, five miles of private beach, a yacht club, shooting school and three golf courses round out its impressive list of amenities. Jekyll Island Tennis Center, Jekyll Island On Jekyll Island—a barrier island located midway between Savannah and Jacksonville—a robust conservation program makes for a beautiful blend of unspoiled beaches and mature maritime forest. The Jekyll Island Tennis Center is a public facility with 13 Har-Tru clay courts and is a popular host for USTA tournaments. The courts are framed by live oak, moss and wild palmettos, giving players a taste of what’s in store after tennis. Further inland, in Georgia’s lake country, the Reynolds Lake Oconee golf community is a great place for a country retreat-style getaway. Guests can stay at vacation rental homes and cottages, or at The Ritz-Carlton hotel. The grounds include four marinas, six golf courses and the eight-court Reynolds Lake Club Tennis Center, operated by Peter Burwash International. ITA Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame, Athens Even if you’re not looking to play on your spring getaway, you may want to swing by the ITA Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame on the University of Georgia campus in Athens. Peruse more than 1,800 rare photos of players and coaches who’ve been enshrined. In the state’s capital, the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association is a great resource for locating courts across the city.